Evil strikes without warning, and without mercy.

  • One day their life seemed normal. The next, the flood took their home from them and with it so many precious memories.
  • One morning she kissed her family goodbye. An hour later, police came to tell her no one in the van survived the crash.
  • They were supposed to be married the next week.  The men who attacked their restaurant didn’t know that, and didn’t care.

Can we still trust that God is good and gracious when the worst happens to us and those closest to us? Where is God when things go bad?  God is aware of the pain and evil in the world. He doesn’t wish suffering on anyone. He permits suffering to continue in the world that we might recognize our need for a savior from suffering.

To save the world, God became a man and suffered alongside us. He cried when his friends were grieving (John 11:35). He had compassion on people who were hurting (Luke 7:13). His friends abandoned him, his government washed its hands of him, and his own church condemned him to death. He knows our suffering, and stands forever before God the Father as “the Lamb who was slain” (Revelation 5:12).  This was God’s plan all along, written down hundreds of years before the first Christmas (Isaiah 53:1-12).

Where is God when bad things happen? Urging us to find him at the cross, dying for our sins, calling us to trust that the evil of the world will one day end. Urging us to come to him for forgiveness, healing, and peace.

The Sunday after the tornado hit their town, they gathered out in a field to hear their Lord’s words to them. “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden,” Jesus said, “and I will give you rest.” The pastor reminded them of their God, the God who suffered and died for them so that suffering and death might one day end, once and for all. They communed with Christ and with each other, comforting each other even as their Lord comforted them. Their church building had been destroyed. But not the Church.

When disaster strikes, come where God has promised to bring healing for the suffering in a fallen world.