I Am

Jesus on multiple occasions says "I am." Peter, given the opportunity to confess his identity, says "I am not." What does this mean?

Tempted by What

Jesus was tempted by the Devil after his baptism. But what exactly was he tempted to do?

Road Trip

The most important part of a trip is not the destination, or even the journey: it is who you are journeying with. Are we journeying with Jesus, or trying to…

The Water We Drink

Where do you come from? Who are you now? And where are you going? The answers to those questions are the water we drink every day. Are you drinking pure…

Where to Begin

The story of the wise men coming to visit Jesus would seem to begin with the rising of the star. But is that the best place to start this story?…
A saint is not something you turn yourself into, but a title given to you as a gift by Jesus Christ.

Hidden Identities

John came baptizing for the forgiveness of sins, but also to reveal Israel's Messiah. How does baptism reveal our true identity in Jesus?

Strange Blessings

The Beatitudes of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount contain some very strange blessings to seemingly cursed people. Jesus is teaching us to look for God's presence in places where the…
Christ said he came to bring not peace, but a sword. The way that humans organize themselves - families, tribes, nationalities - would be shattered by Jesus' radical call to be…

Mixed Metaphors

Peter says that Christians are like newborn babies, bricks in a temple, royalty, and priests and light. By every means possible he impresses on us the miracle of what has…