Peace on Earth

The armies of God show up over the field of Bethlehem, not to declare war, but to proclaim peace. Do we realize the war is ending in Christ Jesus?
Joseph, in desiring to keep the Law but show mercy, reveals why he is the perfect adopted father of God's incarnate son.
Like Scrooge in Dickens' famous novella, we are visited by Jesus three times today: the Jesus of the past, of the present and of our future.
Christ reminds us that he will be with us to the end of the world – and beyond into the life of the world to come.
The Jews of Jesus' time did not have a unified view of life after death. Jesus pulls together all the Spirit's words from the prophets and announces that, indeed, the…

Boxing with God

Sometimes prayer feels like wrestling with God. But God urges us to give him our best shot. (Preached at St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Kingston, Jamaica).
Jesus suggests that his followers should consider themselves "unworthy servants." Or should that be, more literally, "servants with no need?"