When the messenger of the Lord comes suddenly to his Temple, he will purify like a refiner's fire. How can this be good news?

Christ our King

Being fallen creatures, we don't have a mental picture of what a good king is like. So what does it mean to have Jesus Christ as our king?
A saint is not something you turn yourself into, but a title given to you as a gift by Jesus Christ.

Cut It Off

Is Jesus suggesting we literally maim ourselves to keep from going to hell? Or could he be warning us of something even more serious: the consequences of rejecting his salvation?

Hard to be King

Only a good man can be king, and even then it is hard. God's Son took up the mantle, and understood that being king meant sacrificing himself to save his…

Is It In You?

Doctors tells us that the tongue is the most powerful muscle in the body. James the apostle of Jesus agrees. What do you use your tongue for: to praise God…

The Problem Inside

When Jesus declared all foods to be clean, did he upend or contradict the Law delivered to Moses? Far from it. The laws given to Israel identified them as living…
There are only two cultures in the world: the culture of wisdom and the culture of foolishness. The foolish think wisdom is only to be learned: the wise know it…

What God Wants

What does God want from us? Everyone has an answer. "Be good," "do you best," "love your neighbour." Then there's Jesus' answer - "Believe in the One whom God has…
We all know the old expression, “seeing is believing.” But today's Gospel lesson suggests that seeing doesn't help get us closer to the Lord. Hearing is what counts. Hearing the…