Several times towards the end of John's Gospel, Jesus finds his heart troubled. Then he addresses the trouble in his disciples' hearts. The answer to this trouble and fear is…

Which Came First

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? One might as well ask, which came first, the prayer or the pray-er? What always comes first is God.


Jesus said that he and the Father are one. If we are his sheep, then we are also one with him and one with one another,

Too Much

Jesus seems to go overboard with his miracles in John's Gospel. But he is not giving us too much: his abundance is exactly what we need, if not what we…

What the Word Means

What does the word "God" mean? What about the word "Christian?" We are often satisfied with generalities. The apostles get into specifics. Preached at St.Athanasius Lutheran Church, Vienna, VA.

Believe Her

Easter morning is, in many ways, a #MeToo moment. Will you #BelieveWomen, or dismiss their account of the resurrection as "an idle tale?"

Dry Wood

If they did those things when the wood was green, what will happen when it is dry?

Master or Father?

Do we see God as a master, barterer, dead, or our daddy? That's the question Jesus addresses to us. Preached at St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Kingston, Jamaica.
This time, the hen - Jesus - is in the fox house. But what does Jesus mean by hen? Why does he call Herod "that fox"? And what does it…

Tempted by What

Jesus was tempted by the Devil after his baptism. But what exactly was he tempted to do?