Jesus suggests that his followers should consider themselves "unworthy servants." Or should that be, more literally, "servants with no need?"

No Comfortable Pew

Does something you read in Scripture make you uncomfortable? The only comfort we should find is in Christ Jesus and his forgiveness, because there will always be something we believe,…

Seeking Lost Sheep

Jesus sought out the lost sheep of his flock while on earth. Now, he seeks those sheep through us.

Appealing in Love

While God is able to command us to do what we ought, through Jesus he now appeals to us in love for the sake of the Good News.

Where Do I Sit

Do you remember how important where you sat was in school? Where you sit at an important dinner? Jesus shares some common sense about sitting, then overturns it by asking…

I Never Knew You

Do you care if Jesus knows you? Many do not. Christians do, and therefore know that he does.

The Fire of Jesus

Generally fire is not good. But it is also an essential purifier. Jesus both destroys and makes pure.

All About Prayer

What is prayer all about? Is it magic, is it useless, or is it really about placing all our trust in God as our Father?