Hidden Identities

2017-12-17 Bible Text: John 1:19-34 | Charles St-Onge John came baptizing for the forgiveness of sins, but also to reveal Israel’s Messiah. How does baptism reveal our true identity in Jesus? Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Identity

Nothing But the Word

2017-12-10 Bible Text: Mark 1:1-8 | Charles St-Onge John the Baptist performed no miracles. His powerful tool in bringing people to repentance and faith is also ours: the Word of God. Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Word

The Great Divide

2017-11-26 Bible Text: Matthew 25:31-46 | Charles St-Onge Christ judges the nations of the earth based on how they treat the proclaimers of the Gospel, Christ’s little ones (Matthew 10:42), his brothers (Matthew 12:50). Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: End Times,Judgment

A Challenging Call

2017-11-19 Bible Text: Matthew 25:14-30 | Charles St-Onge The challenge in Jesus’ parable of the talents is not to do more with what God has given us. It is to recognize the lengths to which God has gone to save us in Christ, and the level of generosity he expects from his people with his […]

Strange Blessings

2017-11-05 Bible Text: Matthew 5:1-12 | Charles St-Onge The Beatitudes of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount contain some very strange blessings to seemingly cursed people. Jesus is teaching us to look for God’s presence in places where the world sees only God’s absence. Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Blessing,Identity

Grudging Generosity

2017-10-22 Bible Text: Matthew 22:15-22 | Charles St-Onge “Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” The real question is why we hold on so tight to something that cannot save us. Give us the things of this world, but hold ever tighter to Christ who can save. Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Stewardship

On Being Thankful

2017-10-08 Bible Text: Matthew 22:1-14 | Charles St-Onge The Lord is not looking for mindless grovelers. He is looking for people who exhibit gratitude in their lives; towards Christ and towards each other. Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Thanksgiving

Why Do You Ask?

2017-10-01 Bible Text: Matthew 21:23-32 | Charles St-Onge Sometimes we assume we know what someone is asking, and immediately start answering the question. But often there is a question behind the question, the real one that needs answering. Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Law and Gospel