Fear of Easter

There are many emotions we might associate with Easter. But the one that shows up most prominently in the gospel accounts is the one we might least expect: fear.

Our Darkest Hour

Churchill predicted that the UK's battle against Germany would be its finest hour. If so, then Good Friday had to be humanity's darkest.
Today, when we remember the annunciation to Mary and the passion of Jesus, we walk through all the basic human emotions. Jesus understands our emotions, but he also feels them…

Cleansing Temples

Jesus didn't just come into the world to cleanse the temple. He came to cleanse the world: he came to cleanse us! Christians are those not afraid to take a…
Our Old Testament lesson today speaks about God's creative power. Our epistle lesson speaks about the weakness of the apostolic message. Jesus, in the Gospel, explains how they fit together:…

Hidden Identities

John came baptizing for the forgiveness of sins, but also to reveal Israel's Messiah. How does baptism reveal our true identity in Jesus?
John the Baptist performed no miracles. His powerful tool in bringing people to repentance and faith is also ours: the Word of God.

The Great Divide

Christ judges the nations of the earth based on how they treat the proclaimers of the Gospel, Christ's little ones (Matthew 10:42), his brothers (Matthew 12:50).

A Challenging Call

The challenge in Jesus' parable of the talents is not to do more with what God has given us. It is to recognize the lengths to which God has gone…